AWS 2018 Booking In Now Live!

Truggy & E8 Buggy

Booking in for the AWS 2018 is now live on the BRCA entry system. Click read more to find out how and more information about this popular series


The team at the AWS have a fantastic series for you all. 

The championships will be contested over 5 outdoor rounds on off road surfaces, with each driver’s best 3 scores counting towards their final placing in the series. During the season we will visit several of the established venues, but also a couple of new ones. The venues have been chosen based on their geographic spread, the level of their track and facilities, their previous track record of hosting similar events and of course the feedback we have received from our competitors from last year.

Also the tracks at each club will be open on the Saturday before the event on the Sunday for open practice. This is at a cost of £5 per driver which will be paid directly to a club 

representative. Each club are going to decide when the track is open for practice. But a 10am to 4pm has been given as a guideline. 


  1. 1st October 2017 - Ledbury Model Car Club
  2. 5th November 2017 - South Coast Nitro
  3. 3th December 2017 - Swindon Model Car Club
  4. 7th January 2018 - North West Nitro
  5. 4th February 2018 - Deerdale Off Road 




E8 Buggy (Please Note E-Buggy Will Run Within The Nitro Class/Championship) 

Meeting Format


3x round of Round By Round qualifying at 6 minutes
1x Finals with Bump Up's for top 4 at 18 minutes

Entry Details

£12 entry fee per class

Booking closes at 10pm the day before the event.


How To Book In

To book in for these events simply go to the BRCA website log yourself in, Then go to the link below

Simply add the events to your cart you wish to enter, Go through the checkout process. The system will direct you to paypal. Take payment for the event(s) 

And done. Its that simple. Using this system it also populates a drivers list which is live and updates straight away when someone enters

The AWS this year has a dedicated page on the brca website. And will also run along side the main AWS website.


I have decided to do this because I have having trouble managing the entries because of my job. Also I'm hoping this will minimise drivers not turning up on the day.

If you cancel your entry less than 7 days before the event, no refund will be issued. However the non refunded entry will still go to the club. If you cancel your entry before 7 days of the event you will be issued a refund. This is so the clubs aren't loosing out. I believe that if we dont support the clubs series like this won't be possible 


Keen eyed drivers will also notice that theres no discount for doing two classes. Theres is a simple explanation why. Its more income for the clubs after all their effort.


Those drivers that booked in via email over the past few weeks. Can you please book in again using the online system. 

If you need any help with it please drop myself and email and I will help you as much as I can, My email is


See you at round 1!