Truggy + E8 Buggy 2019 Round 2 Race Report

Truggy & E8 Buggy

The second round of 2019 Truggy + E8 Buggy Nationals held at North West Nitro. Meeting dominated my Jamie Clancy with his Associated Truggy. 



The second round of the Truggy + E8 Buggy Nationals was held at the Northern Club North West Nitro just outside of Preston, Lancashire. With the forecast looking a little iffy to say the least only 37 drivers made the trip to the track. This gave us a simple 4 heats per round. Two Truggy Heats and two E-Buggy Heats. With the rain being on and off in the morning we knew it was going to make interesting conditions on the track. 

The section has recently brought an electronic scoreboard with works with the BBK timing software which enabled me to run the computer in automatic mode and because we only had 4 heats i set around 6 minutes between each race and 15 minutes between each round. So this gave the drivers time to make changes and have a break before going out on the track again. 

IMG 8072

The racing started with 2 rounds of timed practice. During this stage of the meeting the drivers we finding the track difficult with the constant change in the conditions. It was raining then it wasn't. It was the fine rain that soaks you through sort of thing. After practice was over we went into the three rounds of qualifying in the same heat order as the practice rounds. 

IMG 8059

During the qualifying stage the weather was changing constantly. This made the track conditions changing constantly too with different levels of grip in every race. This were obviously shown in the lap times for the races. 

We finished qualifying just after two in the afternoon. Which we saw;

Jamie Clancy take the TQ with his Associated Truggy, Jonathan Skidmore who drives for Agama and Nemo Racing take second overall. Finially Mitchell Booth a driver for Tekno took third overal. In E-Buggy we was Jonathan Skidmore again take the TQ again with his Agama, Jonathans brother William who also drives for Agama took second place overall and Simon Reeves took third place overall. 

IMG 8274

After we had roughly 20 minute break we started the 4 finals. Starting with the Truggy B Final which ran for 18 minutes. This race contained 9 cars and the top 4 places were bumped up to the A Final. This race was won by Steve Price who finished on 27 laps. Second place was Chris Caci who is new to the Truggy Nationals this year. Third place was taken by a local driver Ian Slater, Finially another local driver Matt Skinner took forth place. 

IMG 8426

After this race had finished we went straight into the next which was the E-Buggy B Final. This final contained 17 cars and ran for 15 minutes, also like the Truggy class the top 4 were bumped up to the A Final. This final was won by local driver Alan Yates, Second place was taken by Dave Morgan who is another new driver to the series this year. Adam Talbot was third place, yet another new driver to this years series. Finially Nick Hordley came in forth place. 

IMG 8424

Now because all the drivers from the Truggy B Final were marshalling the E-Buggy B Final including the ones that were bumped up we stopped for a short break between the E-Buggy B final and the Truggy A Final. Just to give people to catch up have a break and get themselves sorted before they started the Truggy A Final. This final ran for 30 minutes and contained 14 cars including the top 4 from the B final Truggy, Jamie Clancy dominated this race all the way through and finished an impressive 32 seconds a head of second place which was Tekno driver Mitchell Booth who had a fantastic battle with third place, which was Jonathan Skidmore who finished third with only 5 second behind Mitchell. Forth place was taken by another Team associated driver Jon Howells, Well done to all drivers! 

IMG 8432

Again after another short break we started the last final of the day being the E-Buggy A Final, which ran for 15 minutes just like the B Final. This race contained 14 drivers. This race was dominated by Jonathan Skidmore who took the win and finishing on 25 laps, William Skidmore came second place roughly 15 second behind his brother. Mitchell Booth finished in third place after a great battle with Lewis Jones who came in forth place. 

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I would like to say thank you to all driver for attending the meeting and making it a great event as always. Big thanks to the team at North West Nitro for all their hard work before the meeting and during the day to keep the track in tip top condition for us. Massive thanks to Liz, Andy's wife for catering the event for us, Lovely food as always! 

Finially thank you to the drivers who helped marshalling the Truggy A Final when we were a little short. 

All the results from this meeting are on the brca website under results. All the photos are on the Truggy + E8 Buggy facebook group too. 

The third round is on the 30th June at Brookthorpe Model Car Club

Thanks again everyone and i will see you all there!