Truggy + E8 Buggy 2021 Round 4 Report

Truggy & E8 Buggy

Elliot Boots dominates the forth round at Brookthorpe in both classes. (Main image. New invention: The Hover Truggy)


Race Report Round 4 


Well… What can I say about the forth round of this years series at Brookthorpe. Well one word comes to mind and thats hot!


Its been a very hot weekend for us at the track as i suppose its been hot for most of the UK. But we had a fantastic meeting at the brilliant venue that is Brookthorpe Model Car Club. The track surface was fantastic and really well presented. The team at the club should be proud of what you have achieved. I know many others will agree! 


So… What happened in the day 

74 drivers made the drive to race with us. 26 Truggy’s and 48 E-Buggy’s. Which is a really good turn out. We started off with 4 rounds of qualifying, with the first round having an extra 5 minute bolt on practice. For those drivers who couldn’t make the practice session on the Saturday. 

During round one we saw a lot of drivers getting used to the tracks and its features. At the end of round 1 we saw Elliot Boots take TQ in this round with Lee Martin second in round, Closely followed by Jamie Clancy third in round. In the E-Buggy class we saw some good racing and some not so good racing. But in the end we saw Elliot Boots take the TQ in round with Jonathan Skidmore second in round and Lee Martin third in round. At this point the computer ran in auto mode so there was no stopping apart from when the computer got a tad warm and decided to freeze up on me. Luckily no racing was happening at the time. So a quick reboot and carry on. Still had a minor computer issue after i learn it was running at nearly 90 degrees C. So some improvised cooling solution for it which seemed to work we carried on with the meeting. In the second round of qualifying we saw Elliot Boot take the TQ in this round with Jamie Clancy second in round and Lee Martin third in round. Which made these drivers top 3 overall. In the Electric class we saw Elliot Boots take TQ in round with Jonathan Skidmore second in round and Lee Martin Third in round. So at this stage the overalls were Elliot Boots in TQ spot with Jonathan Skidmore in second place overall. Lee Martin i third overall. After this we just cracked on with the meeting. And now with a massive fan cooling my little computer down and it starting to behave again we continued in to the third round. During the third round you could see the lap times starting to creep down as the drivers were getting used to the tracks technical layout. In Truggy we saw Elliot Boots take the TQ for the third time. Jamie Clancy came in second in round. and Jon Hazlewood took third in round. Which overall after round 3 it stands as, Elliot Boots in overall TQ with Jamie Clancy in second place over all and finally Lee Martin in third overall. In E-Buggy we saw Jonathan Skidmore put in a really fast time and take the TQ in this round. Elliot Boots who had been dominating the class so far come in second in round and finally. Lee Martin came in third in round. Which now puts Elliot Boots in overall TQ after 3 rounds, Jonathan Skidmore in second overall and Lee Martin in third overall. 

IMG 5467

The forth round of qualifying was the final round and it all came down to this. In the Truggy Class Elliot Boots dominated the class again taking TQ for the forth time. Jamie Clancy came in second in round. Lee Martin took third in round. So overall for the finals the top 3 were: Elliot Boots, Jamie Clancy and Lee Martin. Well done to you all. You drove really well through this part of the day.

E-Buggy class we saw Lee Martin take the TQ in this round with Elliot Boots in second in round, William Skidmore took third place in round. Which left Elliot Boots in the overall TQ spot. Jonathan Skidmore second overall and finally Lee Martin Third overall.

 IMG 5751

After a short break while finals were sorted and drivers got their new race numbers we started the finals. We had 6 finals to run. two of which were Truggy and the rest Electric. 

Out first was the D Final E-Buggy. This race had 16 cars init which is a few more than normal. But an odd number so what you going to do. Top 4 of this race will bump up to the next final. After some good racing and one of the best driving standards i’ve seen for a long while we saw Matt Box take the win, Guy Hayward second place, Kevin Martindale third place (how he did that I have no idea) and finials Daniel Thorne in 4th place. These drivers were bumped up to the C Final E-Buggy


Right then. B Final Truggy was next. 16 cars also in this race with the top 4 bumping up. This race was a bit scrappy in places. Which is the usual truggy Shenanigans lets face it. But young lad Zak Edwards raced his heart out and took the win withe Chris Carlisle second place with his electric Truggy. Michael Shorey was third place and Reuben Shakespeare was forth place. Well done to all. 

 IMG 5542

E-Buggy C Final was next on the line. This was also a 14 car race with the top 4 from the previous E-Buggy final making up positions 11-14. This was a good race in all fairness. Some iffiness here and there but by the most part it was alright. Chris Sharpe-Simkiss finished in first place. Scott Follington came in second place with Dave Mayne third place. Matthew Perry was forth place. These drivers were promoted to the B Final which was the next final to run. At this stage of the meeting I decided to have a break between the two electric finals so they electronics in the cars that bumped up had chance to cool before going out again. 

 IMG 5737

Right then. E-Buggy B Final. The second to last Electric final of the day. like all the others. 14 cars started 11 car finished. After a long battle to get first place. We saw Mike Lewis take the win with William Callan in second place. Tyler Liddle was third place and finally Daniel Austin was forth place. These drivers were promoted to the A Final. 


Now it was time for the last Truggy Final of the day. This being the A Final which lasted for 30 minutes. The racing during this was fantastic. Some really close racing with lots of battles happening throughout the field. Elliot Boot shot off at the start and stayed in front the whole race. Finishing 3 laps ahead of everyone else. Dylan Saunders came in second place. Jamie Clancy third place and Mr Tekno himself Matt Bridge came in 4th place with his Electric Truggy even after going a battery change half way through the race. Well done to all drivers in this race. And a massive shout out to young drive Zak Edwards. Who was holding 6th place throughout the race and comfortably holding 6th in an national A Final. Very well done and definitely one to watch.

 IMG 5933

(Above Zak Edwards)(Loving the sandles though dude)

IMG 5929

(Above Truggy A Finalists) 

The last race of the day was the last E-Buggy Final. Another 15 minute race which also contained 14 cars. This race was also dominated by Elliot Boots who took the win a lap up on the rest of the field. Lee Martin got second place, Tommy Hall took third place. Lewis Jones took forth place overall. Well done to all drivers in this race. The start of the race was really good and the driving standards were good, Well mostly….

 IMG 5931

(Above A Final E-Bugg Finalists)


I would like to thank everyone who raced with us at this meeting. Massive thanks to the team at Brookthorpe for pulling out all the stops in preparing such a fantastic track for us to race on. Top job! I would also like to thank the driver to helped volunteer marshal. (Sorry I’ve forgot your name)


Thank you to Dennis and the rest of the fantastic catering team at Jojo’s. Really nice food! Top marks from me. We hope to see you again soon. 


I would also like to say thank you to you all again for following the Covid rules. Even though its been a very very warm one. 


All the results from the meeting has been uploaded to the BRCA website and all the photos have been uploaded to the Truggy sections Facebook page. 


See you all soon 

Kind Regards 

Chris Jeffery - BRCA Secretary - Truggy Section Race Control