Truggy + E8 Buggy Mini Series - Series Report

Truggy & E8 Buggy

Truggy + E8 Buggy Mini Series. This is what happened and who won!


Thanks to Covid-19 our full national circuit wasn’t able to run. So the section decided to run a mini series to help out the smaller of the clubs on the circuit. So we decided to start at the newly refurbished Brookthorpe Model Car Club. This track was a huge hit with the drivers, and i must say what a fantastic venue that have made. 


Second round of the series we went to the club up in Blackpool called North West Nitro. This was another very successful meeting and another great circuit. The third and final round of the series we returned to the Kent track. This was the first time the section has been to the Kent club since 2017. 


Round 1 like i said was held at the Brookthorpe club on the 19th July. The weekend started out with open practice on the Saturday. The Sunday started off early with a slightly damp track after the downpour during the night before.

IMG 2166

The racing format was a round of timed practice. Then a quick reseeded for before going into heat. We had 6 heats a round. In the normal fashion auto mode was used on the computer which kept the meeting ticking along at a steady pace. Then we went into finals after the 4 rounds of qualifying with the best 3 to count. Finals were a little interesting because of the odd number of finals we had. So we ended up running two of the E-Buggy finals back to back which wasn’t ideal but we cracked on. The two A Finals were good to watch as the competition was very good and very close. 

In the Truggy A Final we saw Elliot Boots take the win with his team mate Chris Sharpe-Simkiss come in second place and finally Tekno driver Wes Jolly finished in 3rd place. The E-Buggy main final was good and very close between first and second. The top 2 drivers batteries dumped going to the line on the last lap. So we had to make the hard choice to give the win to Michell Booth even though William Skidmore did pass him before his battery failed. But because neither driver made it to the line the win went to Mitchell. So the finishing order was Mitchell Booth, William Skidmore and Paul Crompton. 

 IMG 2171

The second round was 2 weeks later on the 2nd of August at North West Nitro up in Lancashire. The weekend started off the same at round 1 with open practice on the Saturday. The Sunday morning started with a round of timed practice followed by 4 rounds of qualifying. The numbers for this meeting were a little lower than the first round. But the weather forecast wasn’t helping. However being up north we soldiered on regardless with a steady 5 heats a round and the computer running in auto. Because of the lower numbers i added a 10 minute break between each round to give the drivers a bit of a breather. Finals were next. Two Truggy and three E-Buggy. The two main finals were good like the first but in the end we saw Elliot Boots take the win with Wes Jolly take second place and finally Tony Evdoka finish in third place. In the E-Buggy final we saw the two brothers take first and second place. These being Jonathan and William Skidmore. Paul crompton came in third place. 

 IMG 2513

The third and final round of the mini series we went to the Kent club who had also gone through a lot of change leading up to the series. Same with the first two rounds we had open practice on the Saturday. The feedback on the track was good apart from it being a little dusty. (understatement by the way) but the team at the track did as much as they could to keep everything running smooth. 

Because of the series coming to a close and some of the drivers not wanting to make the trip to Kent we had a low turn out. But because we were Truggy and e-buggy drivers. That didn’t stop us have a funky good time. The weekend started with Saturday practice which was very dusty. But with the cars going it did make is better throughout the day. Sunday morning started with 1 round of practice and 4 rounds of qualifying with the best 3 to count like it has been for the rest of the series. Then finals. 

IMG 2406

The Truggy final was a great race with the drivers battling it out through the whole 30 minute race. However the winner was Chris Sharpe-Simkiss who races for Sworkz, Second place was taken by Tony Evdoka. Young Reuben Shakespeare finished in third place. Tekno driver Matt Bridge finished in 4th place. The E-Buggy race was also another close one on the challenging track. But sadly Paul Crompton’s transponder failed after 10 minutes which enabled William Skidmore take the win and Jack Hirst taking second place. Will’s brother Jonathan take third place and Dom Nunn take 4th place. Well done to all drivers. 


Now the winners overall 


1st Chris Sharpe-Simkiss

2nd Tony Evdoka

3rd Reuben Shakespeare 

4th Matt Bridge

5th Andy Beaumont 



1st William Skidmore

2nd Jonathan Skidmore 

3rd Paul Crompton 

4th Edward Callan 

5th Michael Lightfoot

IMG 2269 

I would like to thank everyone for attending and supporting the series and well done to the winner. Massive thanks to all the clubs involved. Huge thank you to the catering teams at all the tracks. Some lovely food. Couldn’t have done it without you 

Thank you to Jonathan Firmin for donating some great T-Shirts for the winners as well! 


See you all soon and until next time 

Chris Jeffery - Truggy + E8 Buggy Section Race Director