Truggy + E8 Buggy nationals 2022 Round 1 report

Truggy & E8 Buggy

Damp start to a fantastic first round of this years national series at North West Nitro


First round of this years series was held at North West Nitro just outside of Blackpool and of course in usual Blackpool fashion we were welcomed by a heavy hail shower at 5:30 in the morning which woken everyone up that was camping. But 63 drivers made the trip to the northern track. Some of which came from Plymouth. Thank you so much for attending!

The day started out with the usual drivers briefing and soon after we cracked on with the days racing. Racing starting with a round of timed practice in heat order, followed by 4 rounds of qualifying with the best 3 to count. Due to the hail that had fell a few hours before the track was wet and slippy but soon dried out as we ran through the practice round. The heats followed with many drivers putting in good times and some really good laps. In the end we saw Mike Lewis take over TQ in round 1, Dylan Saunders take second overall. And finally Jon Hazlewood take third place overall. In the E-Buggy Class we saw William Skidmore take the overall TQ, Mitch Booth second overall and finally Dan Austin take third overall.

With the cold wind still in the air but the sun coming out we cracked on with the second round of qualifying. The track had dried out really well by this stage making a nice racing surface on the track that they have here at North West Nitro. In the Truggy class we saw Mike Lewis take TQ in round again with makes him TQ overall at this stage of the meeting. Dylan Saunders was second in round which made him second overall. Third place was taken by Darren Hayden-Ball which at this stage of the meeting made him third overall at this point. E-Buggy’s were out next. Again same as the previous round the lap times were really good and many people getting some really good consistent times. However after all the close racing we saw a very similar top three from the previous round. Which was Jonathan Skidmore with TQ in round, his brother William was second in round and Mitch Booth was third in round. So at the end of round 2 William Skidmore was overall TQ with Mitch in second place, Jonathan Skidmore is third place overall at this stage of the meeting.

With the wind still blowing across but the temperature climbing we cracked on with the third round. In the Truggy class we saw the same top three drivers from the previous round taking the top three spots again in this round. These being Mike Lewis, Dylan Saunders and Jon Hazlewood, but overall its slightly different, Mike Lewis still takes overall TQ with Dylan Saunders in second overall but now Darren Hayden-Ball is third overall. So there is still a lot to play for during the final round of qualifying here at North West Nitro. E-Buggy class was also very close at this stage of the game, the top three were the same as the last round. Jonathan Skidmore, William Skidmore and Mitch Booth, but the overall were William Skidmore Jonathan Skidmore and Mitch Booth. Very close racing at the top. Fourth and final round was next, the cold wind was still there. But it was really nice sat in race control out of the wind but in the sun... lovely. Anyways the important stuff, who took the top spot after the fourth and final round. Well in Truggy Jon Hazlewood took TQ in round. Darren Hayden-Ball took second in round with Mike Lewis taking third in round. Which means overall Mike Lewis took the TQ spot, Dylan Saunders took second place overall and finally Jon Hazlewood took third overall. In the E-Buggy class it was a very similar story to the previous round with the Skidmore brother battling it out for the top spot in the meeting. William Skidmore took TQ in round and overall TQ, This brother Jonathan took second in round and overall. Mitch Booth took third in round and overall.

Final time!

The finals started at 3pm with the 15 minutes electric buggy final. There were 15 cars in this race. Which they all battled it out for the top 4 spots. Some cracking racing from all. In the end however we saw Ashley Patterson take the win, Kevin Burns in second place, James Milkerrin third place and finally Scott Walker take forth place. These drivers were promoted to the B Final E-Buggy.

The B Final Truggy closely followed. This race was for 18 minutes and consisted of 15 cars too. Local driver known as BigE won this finals with Ashley Patterson in second place. Matthew upton was third place and Winston Barnett was forth place. These drivers were promoted to the A Final Truggy.

The next race on the line was the E-Buggy B final. This race was also 15 minutes in length and contained 14 cars. Billy Grinder won this race with Jack Slassor in second place. Third place was taken by  Charles Krontiris and finally forth place was taken by George Chamberlain

A Final Truggy was the next one out. A 30 minute final where some great battles took place. In the end however we sat Dylan Saunder take the win with Jon Hazlewood in second place. Wes Jolly in third place and Darren Hayden-Ball in forth place. Well done to all drivers in this race. The next was the final race of the day which was the E-Buggy A final. This final was also 15 minutes long and was a good race all in all. Jonathan Skidmore took the win with his brother in second place. Mitchell Booth was third place and finally Tyler Liddle was forth place.

I would like to thank everyone to coming to the meeting and hope you enjoyed the track. Big thanks goes to all those who helped the prep the track and make sure we had a great venue for the weekend. Big thanks to Chris’ partner Laura for feeding us all over the weekend too. We will see you all again soon!