What is BRCA?

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Welcome to the BRCA

What is it?

Radio Control or R/C model car racing. Various scales of model car driven by various power sources but controlled by a digital handset via a radio link to the model.

Where do we do it?

The short answer is everywhere. It’s quite likely that there’s a club somewhere near where you live. Included in this publication is a guide to some of the clubs, but it’s by no means an exhaustive list. The best method of finding your local club is by contacting your local model shops, five minutes spent on the phone can open up a whole new dimension in fun model motorsport.

Who are we?

This section has been produced by the British Radio Car Association. What we are is a group of UNPAID RC car racing enthusiasts whose aims are best summed up by objective No. 1 in our handbook:

‘To promote the construction and racing of radio controlled cars’

In this section you won’t find an application form selling you BRCA membership, what you will find is enthusiasm for our sport and the information you need to join in. Then when you come racing we hope you’ll want to join us.

Try here for an in depth view of what the BRCA is made of.

Where should you start?

We would always recommend that you start at your local club. Either find it in the "sections" of this site, or have a ring around your local hobby shops, get yourself down to their track and have a look at what’s going on. It’s very rare for a racer to actually bite anybody, so ask plenty of questions and decide if what they’re doing is for you. If not, shop around as there are plenty of clubs out there, one near you will race the cars you’re interested in.

Model shops

Check out your local hobby stores. Following your visit to the local clubs you’ll probably have a good idea which ones the other drivers use. Go along and have a chat, see if they stock spares for the make of car you’re thinking of buying. Do they stock a good range? Are they knowledgeable about the products? Try our shops list where you can select by "specialism" if you already know what you want.

Go slow and survive

Remember that when you’re starting out in this sport it will take a while for your performance to come up to that of the car, even the simple ones are quite tricky to drive initially. Be realistic about your level of competence before investing in something really fast. You can have more fun with something a bit slower that will survive the odd accident in one piece, than a quick car that you’re constantly fixing because you’ve crashed it!

Further reading and surfing

The one thing you’ll always be short of when starting out into the RC racing world is the right information. There can at times appear to be mountains of technical gobbledygook when all you want to know is where the ‘on’ switch is!

About the radio equipment

For everything you need to know about the operating aspects click here

RC car magazines

There are several good quality magazines available that give both a technical insight into what new products are about and where and how to go racing. Two of them have adverts in this publication, and both make excellent reading.


The Internet is a mine of information. On this website you’ll find links to the majority of manufacturers, loads of clubs and section specific websites.

Friendly advice

However we still recommend the shout across the pits, or the quiet word with one of the experienced racers at the local track as being the best beginners’ advice.