In qualifying, it was the Luke Lee show taking all three rounds of qualifying with his X-Ray from brother Michael Schumacher. Behind them, it was Michael Friebel's new WRC edging out James Greener's X-Ray for third - by virtue of the tie-break. 

The finals saw Luke taking all three legs for the overall win from brother Michael, with Michael F in third and James in fourth.



The first of qualifying went to Andy Murray's Schumacher FT8, with the only 16-lapper from  Ben Cosgrove's X-Ray, and with Aaron Rose in third with another Schumacher. Andy took round 2 from Aaron and  Ben. Round 3 went the way of Aaron from Ben with Jamir Hickin's Schumacher in third. So it was Andy who took pole from Aaron, Ben and Jamie. 

The first leg of the final's saw Andy take the lead from Aaron, Ben and Jamie. The second leg saw another win for Andy, with Ben holding off Aaron by less than two-tenths for third, and Jamie was fourth.

With the winner decided, it was down to the final leg to decide the rest of the podium. It was Ben who took a close win over Aaron with Luke Westwood in third.

The overall win went the way of Andy from Ben's X-Ray and Aaron's Schumacher in third. The B final saw a win for Andrew Cooper. Top Under 17 Junior was Shane Chipolina and Top Under 13 driver was Chloe Cosgrove.