BRCA 1/8 Circuit - Round 3 Race Report Brookland

Photos by Donna Boothman

Written by Lee Palmer

For Round 3 of the British National Championship returned after a couple years to Brookland Raceway in the south of England. The return to Brookland Raceway in no small way was due to an army of racers who spent many hours getting the track surface back to a level where 1/8 nitro could compete again on one of the fastest tracks in the UK. All the racers, officials and members really appreciate everyone one of those volunteers who gave up their time to get the track back to an amazing condition. Thank you all!

A bright warm Saturday saw the racers in open practise getting the cars set up for what is one of the fastest, high risk, high reward tracks your ever likely to race. With such a high-speed track run time in both nitro and electric classes was key. The Electric guys setting their ESC’s and gearing to maximise their speed but last the 5min (+1 lap). In nitro many of the drivers were struggling to get 4 minutes and so this became a focus for many alongside set up.

Sunday, race day, we were again greeted with warm sunshine and after the drivers briefing race got going at 09:00 with a full round of practise in heat order for the drivers and pit crews to finalise the cars for qualifying. 

Throughout qualifying the pace was so fast in Electric the class Mark Green (Serpent) really set the pace with James Conolly (Serpent) only a few seconds behind with Mark Boothman (Shepherd) making the top three qualifiers.

In Nitro the battle of TQ was intense with Alex Thurston (Mugen) toping the timing sheets all day until round 4 when Andy Hastings (Shepherd) took the top spot getting the first 19 lapper of the day. Reigning British National champion Tim Wood (Shepherd) would make up the top three in Nitro.

Finals. For electric, best two of three run to count, Mark Green Continued his dominate form with James Conolly and Mark Boothman finishing second and third in the overall results but many great battles were seen throughout the electric races and this class certainly is becoming more competitive.

[ABOVE - Electric A Final] 

[ABOVE - Electric B Final] 

Nitro saw great races in all the finals with some very close racing throughout the field. The A final lined up and Alex Thurston, who has been the man to beat this year, taking an early lead after TQ man Andy Hasting had a plug blow. Some great pit work and super consistent driving from David Spashett put him second in the race with a great drive, after losing a number of laps, Andy Hastings making third.

[ABOVE - Nitro A Final]

[ABOVE - Nitro B Final]

[ABOVE - Nitro C Final]

The circus rolls on to Halifax later in the month for round four.

Congratulation to all those who attended and we look forward to returning to Brookland next year!


[Published by Nikita Finnigan]