The third round of the Scottish Off Road Series took place on the 2nd of July.  This was the third round of the BRCA Scottish 10th offroad regionals, and it was an exciting event filled with mixed weather, thrilling races and close finishes.  The club laid a very different track to previous layouts with the straight reduced by 5 or 10 m and a corner sequence added among other changes.

2wd - C Final 

In the 2wd - C Final, Mark Harris secured the top position with consistent driving and a final result of 9 laps in 320.69 seconds. Kevin McDowall finished closely behind, also completing 9 laps but with a slightly slower time of 325.69 seconds. It was an intense battle between these two drivers throughout the race, with Mark Craig coming in 3rd, and Ian Petrie and Ian Hughes following in 4th and 5th place, respectively.

2wd - B Final 

Moving on to the 2wd - B Final, Allan Bridgeman showcased exceptional driving skills, securing the top spot with 10 laps completed in 326.90 seconds. Fraser McLeod followed closely in 2nd place, also completing 10 laps but with a time of 328.17 seconds. The race was intense and packed with excitement, with Paul Kerr finishing in 3rd place. Robert Forshaw, Steven Harley, and Stephen McArthur put up a great fight but missed out on podium positions, finishing in 4th, 5th, and 6th place, respectively.

2wd - A Final 

The 2wd - A Final witnessed some fierce competition among the top drivers. Daniel Pole emerged as the champion, showcasing his remarkable skills and completing 11 laps in 328.95 seconds. Allan O'Brien gave a tough fight, securing 2nd place, while Euan McLeod finished closely behind in 3rd place. The remaining positions were hotly contested, with David Scott, Martin Wallace, and Jimmy Hamilton finishing in 4th, 5th, and 6th place, respectively.

2WD A Final Result. 

1 Daniel Pole – Team Associated 

2 Allan O’Brien – Schumacher

3 Euan McLeod – Schumacher

4 David Scott – Schumacher

5 Martin Wallace – Schumacher

6 Jimmy Hamilton – Sworkz

7 Raymond Kerr – Xray

8 Andrew Jensen – Team Associated

9 James Bissett – Serpent

10 Eric Brawley - PR



4wd - C Final 

The 4wd - C Final brought forth intense action and thrilling moments. Giancarlo Pallisco claimed the victory, completing 10 laps in 316.95 seconds. Paul Auld showcased his skills and finished in 2nd place, while Paul Bowker secured 3rd place. Ian Petrie and Ollie Carberry rounded up the top five positions, finishing in 4th and 5th place, respectively.

4wd - B Final 

In the 4wd - B Final, Steven Harley displayed exceptional driving abilities and emerged as the winner, completing 11 laps in 323.99 seconds. Robert Forshaw secured 2nd place, closely followed by Andrew Jensen in 3rd place. The race was closely contested, with Ewan MacLennan, Stuart Hill, and Stephen McArthur finishing in 4th, 5th, and 6th place, respectively.

4wd - A Final 

The 4wd - A Final showcased an intense battle among the top drivers. Allan O'Brien emerged as the champion, completing an impressive 12 laps in 325.37 seconds. Daniel Pole secured 2nd place after early mistakes meant he had to overtake most of the field.  Daniel only just managed 2nd after an overtake on the last few corners meaning Euan McLeod took 3rd place. David Scott, Allan Bridgeman, and Raymond Kerr fought fiercely for the remaining positions, finishing in 4th, 5th, and 6th place, respectively. 

4WD A Final Result 

1 Allan O’Brien – Schumacher

2 Daniel Pole – Team Associated

3 Euan McLeod – Schumacher

4 David Scott – Schumacher

5 Allan Bridgeman – Team Associated

6 Raymond Kerr – Xray

7 James Bissett – Serpent

8 Paul Kerr – Xray

9 Fraser McLeod – Schumacher 

10 Jimmy Hamilton – Sworks

Championship Standings 

After the completion of round three, the championship standings have begun to take shape. In the 2wd category, Daniel Pole holds the lead with consistent performances, closely followed by Euan McLeod and Jimmy Hamilton. The 4wd category sees Allan O'Brien in the lead, followed by Daniel Pole and Euan McCleod.

Another sterling effort from all the members at Glasgow RC with a well run meeting and some excellent competition between the drivers from all clubs.


Race report courtesy of Giancarlo Pallisco.